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Keeping in mind the budget and aesthetic requirements of the script, we always put together a team that ranks high on competence. At times we also encourage clients to use local crews without compromising on quality, in fact, in some cases actually enhancing it. We help get all the required permits for shooting from the appropriate issuing agencies. That apart, we believe in creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere during pre- production and shoot. Reviews and Reactions from our previous clients stand as proof of this.

We understand the importance of logistic support for smooth production, for which we provide services under the following heads:

  • Locations and Permits
  • Specialized, state of the art equipment ,accessories and post production facilities
  • Transportation
  • Vehicles for cast and crew
  • Importing equipments and goods
  • Accommodation at competitive rates with the best hotels
  • Catering to suit the taste of foreign and local crew members
  • Arrange cellular phones and wirelesss for intra-crew communications
  • Air/ train ticketing
  • Production offices with all basic facilities.
  • Medical assistance on call

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