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IMG_0747About Us

Born in 2005 High Tide Communication started out as a specialized facility offering Design support for film and television productions.

During this period the company successfully collaborated with many eminent producers and directors, both Indian as well as international to design and execute sets for filming. Offering innovative, customized, & context-specific spatial communication solutions which embed unparalleled value into the vision of a project, High Tide Communications has received awards and appreciation from its clients both in India and overseas as a Production Design Company.

While the company continues to design experiential storytelling spaces which are immersive, emotional, entertaining and well researched, it now also provides complete solution to filming in India. Specially tailor-made to suit the needs of filmmakers and production houses, looking towards India as an shooting location.

With diverse culture, and exotic visuals, India is a perfect country to plan a shoot in. Its rich cultural heritage standing alongside its modern avatar, coupled with devastating beauty, are a boon for any filmmaker and we at High Tide Communications literally offer it to you on a platter!

Fulfilling all your pre-production and production needs, exploring the vast panorama offered by the country, we are here to help you every step of the way. This includes clearing your script with the proper authorities, overcoming difficult permits, obtaining shooting permits, organizing a completely capable crew, and building those beautifully complex sets that you might need and we have always been so good at. We undertake and successfully deliver complicated shoots in the most challenging of locations with extremely demanding climatic conditions.

At High Tide Communications we work through Mumbai and New Delhi and can provide skilled English speaking crews in every part of the country.

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